Benni started playing the drums when he was fifteen, playing along to his CD collection (much to the delight of his neighbours). He played in a band with some mates from school, before leaving for University where he was a forming member of indie band Captain Dangerous, playing all over the country and supporting up and coming bands who went onto big things. At the same time as teaching himself the drums, Benni started dabbling with the guitar - playing by ear to the likes of The Smiths and The Cure. When he moved back home to Morecambe after University, he hung his drum sticks up, started writing songs and before long was playing gigs with his teenage heroes Jim Bob and Fruitbat from Carter USM. After meeting his wife at an open mic in Morecambe, the two of them formed the band Icepops for Breakfast, playing all over the country supporting the likes of The Wave Pictures, The Wytches and Misty's Big Adventure. Benni plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the drums as well as dabbling with bass guitar, ukulele and keyboards. Contact Benni on 01524 410202 ext 205 or email him at