Whilst some manufacturers are happy to make other people’s products or just endlessly rehash versions of synths they originally made 40 years ago, it’s great to see that Korg are doing something a bit different.

What you often hear about FM Synthesis is that it became too over-used due to the Yamaha DX7, sounds like the 80s, good for bell-like sounds, and is too hard to programme.

Well, Korg re-imagined wave synthesis with their WAVESTATE synth, and they’re doing the same here for FM Synthesis.

It’s fully compatible for modern music making and designed for ease of use. With a powerful digital engine, your imagination is your only limitation!

Rethink everything you know about FM synthesis.

The KORG OPSIX represents a new and expansive reimagination of classic digital synthesis. Much like Korg did when bringing wave sequencing back in a more powerful, more musical, and more immediately accessible way with wavestate, so was the approach to FM sound generation of the opsix, resulting in another incredibly flexible and unique synth.

The opsix is an “altered” six-operator FM synthesizer. With its astoundingly accessible operator mixer and flexible sound engine that goes well beyond traditional FM, this instrument widens the potential of digital synthesizers to their utmost.

The opsix is an instrument for players of all generations—modern in every way, getting back to the basics to offer you a glimpse of the future. Whether you are new to synths, looking for a completely unique addition to your sound palate, or an original FM purist, opsix will deliver on all expectations and more.

True six-operator FM synthesis, and more

The opsix is a new digital synthesizer that features Korg’s newly designed six-operator sound generator. Although the instrument has a six-operator FM sound structure like classic FM synthesizers, the opsix doesn’t just reproduce their sounds—it totally reimagines them! With a diversity of waveforms, operator modes that go beyond the realm of FM, and a filter that brings together a fusion of subtractive synthesis, opsix makes tames complexities of FM so that you can focus on exploring sounds instead of programming them. Simply put, opsix offers the editing simplicity of analog synths to control the power of arguably the deepest type of digital synthesis.

The main features of the Korg Opsix are:

  •     True six-operator FM synthesis, and more
  •     FM exploration, easier than ever
  •     Full editing with the DATA ENTRY knobs
  •     Five operator modes that expand FM synthesis
  •     40 preset algorithms and user algorithms
  •     Three EGs, three LFOs and 12 virtual patches offer an extensive range of modulation
  •     Eleven powerful filters, including MS-20 and Polysix
  •     Three series of 30 types of high-definition effects
  •     Visually-satisfying editing with a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope
  •     Powerful 16-step polyphonic sequencer
  •     Adding unpredictability to sounds with the Randomize feature
  •     Favorite and smooth sound transition (SST) functions
  •     Compact design featuring a 37-key keyboard

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