We’ve been huge fans of Maestro Guitars since 2015 when we were the first UK dealer to supply them.

Since then, the range has increased and the quality of the sound and build of the guitars has been getting better and better. Below are the eight new models that have just arrived with us.

Custom Series Singa KO CSB K

Medium Jumbo with CSB, Solid Pacific Koa top, Solid Pacific Koa back and sides

Each Custom Series guitar is carefully voiced by Hozen and is furnished with Maestro’s signature CSB options – Soundport, Florentine Cutaway, and Beveled Armrest – features that you will not see from mass-produced & factory-built instruments.

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Custom Series LE Raffles KO CSB AU

Small Jumbo with CSB, Solid Adirondack Spruce top, Solid Pacific Koa back and sides, Private Collection bracing

Sharing similar overall dimensions to the dreadnought, the Raffles body shape boasts loads of power on tap, with a clear, robust midrange. It brings with it an authority in its sound without compromising on note articulation and dynamic response.

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Original Series Singa WE CSB C

Medium Jumbo with CSB, Solid Western Red Cedar top, Solid Wenge back and sides

Handmade in small batches, the new Original Series guitars are voiced differently to bring out what would be the signature Maestro sound – responsive, rich in overtones, with defined basses and crystal-like thick trebles. Accompanying the Maestro sound is its iconic look – a coherent minimalistic design across the entire line, highlighting the intricacies of Maestro’s Signature Options.

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Crossover Series Vera IR CSB GY

Nylon String Modern 00 with CSB, Solid German Spruce top, Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides

A fresh spin on a hybrid style instrument, the Crossover marries the soft tactility of nylon strings in a steel string guitar shape, giving players a new palette of sounds to explore. Available with the combination of solid Indian Rosewood and solid German Spruce or solid Khaya Mahogany and solid Western Red Cedar, Hozen employs all of his experience in creating an instrument that sounds complex and fun to play.

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Double Top Series Raffles IR CSB D

Small Jumbo with CSB, Double Top, Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides

The Double Top Series encompasses what Maestro Guitars is all about; fusing innovation and traditional building techniques to make boutique instruments accessible to everyone. Maestro Guitars is proud to be the first and only builder to offer Double Top guitars off-the-rack. Made using soundboards with Nomex Honeycomb at its core, these guitars are known for its incomparable projection, responsiveness, and complex overtones.

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Private Collection Victoria PH CSB AX

000 with CSB, solid Adirondack Spruce top, solid Purple Heart back and sides, Solid Lining, Advanced Hybrid Bracing

Embodying the finest of what Maestro do, the Private Collection is the culmination of all the knowledge they have amassed through the years of building boutique class instruments. Made from their reserved collection of premium tonewoods, these guitars are built in very few pieces seasonally with utmost meticulousness and attention to detail. Furnished with intricate designs and exclusive appointments such as Solid Lining and Hozen’s Advanced Hybrid Bracing, these collector-grade pieces are simply outstanding in every aspect.

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Special Build Traditional Series D-CO

Dreadnought, solid Adirondack Spruce top, solid Cocobolo back and sides, Slotted Headstock


With the success of the Traditional Series, the Maestro team were eager to explore making Special Build Traditional Series models.

This D-CO comes with Solid Lining & Double Sides (which is reserved to Maestro’s Private Collection, Custom Building, and Special Builds) which increases projection. Integrated Double Sides were only introduced into the Private Collection models in the middle of last year. In terms of selection of material, the top of this guitar has a very high Lucchi Meter Reading (measures how fast a certain frequency travels within the board) which makes it a lot more responsive.

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Private Collection Vera BO CSB AX

Named after his daughter, Vera is Hozen’s modern take of a traditional 00 shape. With its rounder lower bout and narrower waist, Vera became an instant favorite since its inception as it possesses great volume and articulation even with its compact size.

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