The new Korg Prologue 8 49 is in stock now at Promenade Music. This is a highly anticipated synth and it does not disappoint.

Over the last few years, Korg have lead the way in the analogue synth revival, starting off small (tiny in fact) with the Monotron range, the Monotribe, and the Volca range. With the Minilogue and the Monologue, Korg made two great analogue synths. These are highly affordable synths with some amazing features, especially for the money.

However, some key players can’t get used to the smaller-sized keys on the above synths and have been crying out for an analogue synth that they can play live or in the studio that has a more keyboard player-friendly feel with full size keys.

Also, despite the fact the Prologue is visually similar to the (black versions) of the Minilogue and Monolgue, it has an entirely new and original synth engine design.

The Korg Prologue (which comes as either 49 or 61 note versions) meets the demands of any keyboard player that wants analogue-derived sounds, with digital features which allow for convenience, stability, an array of connections.

It’s essentially a hybrid synth with all the benefits of both worlds.

This synth is capable  of so many amazing sounds, from Blade Runner and Stranger Things soundtrack styles, smooth or crystal-like tone, to full on aggressive techno. You could play anything from Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter soundtracks to the latest EDM on this. Or augment a guitar band with more interesting tones.

It’s a serious synth. For more details see HERE:

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