Promenade Music is thrilled to stock a new range of Evans Drumheads. The UV2 drumheads are an expansion of the UV-cured coating technology now in a two-ply format and available now!

Tommy Says…

“I currently use a UV1 on my snare, 12 gigs in and it still looks like new with not a mark on it and no sound deviation at all! Could very well be that the next set of tom heads I put on are the UV2s.”

The UV2 series features everything you love about UV1, but in a two-ply format. These drumheads are made using two plies of extremely durable 7 mil film. They offer a slightly punchier tone than our traditional G2 drumheads, but with the same depth and attack that you expect from a two-ply drumhead.

Why wouldn’t you want a great sounding head that still looks like new every time you turn up to a gig??


The patented UV-cured coating process provides unmatched durability and consistency of texture.“I love these new heads,” adds Kenny Aronoff. “I used them on my studio kit and they have so much life and sound fantastic.” For over 60 years, Evans has been an innovator in drumhead manufacturing and design. As the creator of the first synthetic drumhead and other revolutionary products such as EMAD, Hydraulics, and the UV1 series, Evans Drumheads are designed with the intent of solving problems for drummers. Regarded for high quality and consistency all Evans Drumheads are made in the USA and feature Level 360 Technology.